7 Agreements of Life

7 Agreements of Life

Declaration signed by United Nations of the Spirit

In the present declaration reference is made to the children of Mother Earth. under the understanding that we refer to both the feminine and masculine gender. We do not discriminate by gender. We love and accept everyone just as our mothers and fathers who teach us with love and by example.


1. We are committed to the healing of the individuals who make up the territory, is made possible through the guidance of ancient authorities and original law, which will be shared through the opening of public spaces such as parks, social and cultural venues and public squares around the city, to restore them as ancient wisdom learning centers, where the World Circles and exchanges with our elders, allow us to self-repair and self-restitute our position as children of Mother Earth.

2. We are committed to ensuring that rural, ancient and urban territories committed to life become sacred territories of origin for the protection of native and organic seeds, and that the production of these crops can be shared through environmental events and eco-friendly organic markets, allowing the community the right to healthy food resulting from the work of the local inhabitants of the territory, establishing a fair trade network that benefits farmers, native communities and the general population.

3. We are committed to ensure that the conscious and visionary art and the culture of ancient communities have materials and spaces for their own expression, creating festivals with conscious artists who promote the sacred recognition of the territory and the individual. In addition, to establish  collective work in harmony and solidarity with the living entities of the world.

4. We are committed to making the needs of the population visible through loving and purposeful language, where drums, walks, prayers and offerings are heard and respected by the population in order to strengthen ancient knowledge and solve the territory’s problems from the root.

5. We are committed to strengthening the health of our population from traditional and conscious ancient medicine, offering spaces for the strengthening and education of these doctors, who are directly linked to ancient wisdom and who offer the population an opportunity to experience a healing process free from personal and commercial interests, protecting the life of the territory and recognizing Mother Earth as our real benefactor in all areas.

6. We are committed to creating educational spaces where our children, the seeds of humanity, grow with useful tools for their development as children of Mother Earth, allowing them to recognize their physical and spiritual nature so that the moral and ethical values ​​of the law of origin are cultivated in their hearts,  producing a population that lives in harmony with Mother Nature through relationships of healthy and conscious consumption.

7. We are committed to ensuring that our Mother Earth and her children, the living entities that she is composed of, practice their right of origin through conscious consumption according to their own law of origin and the nature of the territory, respecting their natural processes and cycles without obstructing them through exploitative personal or institutional interests, returning to the constitutional position in cosmic order to the great mother and her children.

Through the present points, we manifest the agreements of multiple ancient authorities from different territories on the planet as well as the respective local authorities, committed to developing these projects in our personal lives and to multiply them through example.