What is Sokhrates?

Sokhrates is the first social network created to fund humanitarian, animal welfare and environmental projects worldwide.

Millions of men and women use multiple social networks to express their
solidarity and compassion, and to defend values such as democracy, human rights, environmental policies, animal protection and a sustainable

Sokhrates wants to furnish these people and organizations with financial support.

How does it work?

Share. Earn. Transform

Sokhrates will allocate 70% of the profits obtained through ethically conscious advertising to fund those humanitarian projects that garner the most support amongst our users and to offer exciting benefits to the members of our community. The remaining 30% will be used for the company’s operation and the profit of our investors.

Sokhrates will allow concerned collectives, NGOs and ethical institutions to present their own humanitarian projects. If they meet our standard requirements, these projects will be published on our network in the Sokhrates Missions portfolio.

Each time people use Sokhrates they will rack up Sokhrates Coins (SK coins). Then they will be able to assign them to their favourite projects found in our portfolio. Those projects with the most support will be the first to be funded.

In a future phase, our users will also be able to enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits such as discounts at restaurants, telephone minutes and music, that we are currently defining through agreements with different partner companies.

How can you help?

Join now. Create your personal profile and/or that of your organization,
and start sharing content from Sokhrates onto your usual social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. This will generate traffic to Sokhrates, thereby contributing to its growth and outreach.

Write to us at with any ideas or contributions that you think might help us grow. There is nothing more valuable than grey matter!

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