Naciones-unidas-del-espiritu (6)This meeting was the a dream come true. A dream that these who wanted to become guardians of nature once had. These who sought for support in their activities and their thoughts, backed up by a legitimate ancestral guide. They were listening to the words of grandfathers and grandmothers from different ancient ethnicities and cultures about the chaotic situation in the world and got their advice how to solve the various environmental problems based on their traditions and knowledge.

This effort to bring together different ancestral knowledge was received as a relief and got the support of the collective ancestral leaders who joined the United Nations of the Spirit. On the fourth day of the celebration, in the Temple of the Heart of Mother Earth, the sacred memory of the grandparents was manifested in their prayers. They have gathered to create this new platform that represents the interests of all.

On the last day of the Kiva in Granada, Colombia, the message was signed with the ambil (sacred tobacco). Not only a message, but an invitation for everyone to become an activist, a representative and a defender of the United Nations of the Spirit. The news was received with such a great enthusiasm and joy. It managed to fill in the vacuum that had been created by the disintegration among the peoples, used by the narrow interests of powerful corporations.

Additionally, international NGOs such as Avaaz, Navdanya, and many others, have published studies about the environmental crisis. They have inspired many activists to make various efforts to establish the rights of Mother Nature through the Original Law, to ensure compliance with this law, and to protect the planet from climate change and the native peoples from oppression.

The unity in diversity declared by the United Nations of the Spirit is based on love and respect. It is focused on the collective needs and it comes to strengthen the multiculturalism and the harmony between all peoples. The ancient cultures might have a great impact the world against the forces that have created difficulties between peoples.

The Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit was developed after many nights of meditation and reflection in the rotunda. This place was accepted by the wise grandparents as an historic site where members of different cultures and ethnicities would meet and receive the guidance from an ancestral authority.

While the grandparents were putting their signatures on the Declaration, the Mayor of Granada Cundinamarca arrived with his wife. He was one of the first to sign the it and he symbolically received the message from the grandparents. That was how the United Nations of the Spirit were created.

The document was immediately printed out in order to accompany the cultural activities and the campaign for promoting the United Nations of the Spirit.

We ask all everybody who is reading this message to sign the Declaration and spread this knowledge as widely as possible.