Develop Local Cells of the United Nations of the Spirit

Dear activists of offerings to the United Nations of the Spirit,

Even though none of us can talk on behalf of the tribe leaders, elders, grandfathers and grandmothers, we are all invited to make offerings to them.

Make an offering to the United Nations of the SpiritThe UNS was not intended to become an organization with legal registration and offices. But YOU can be the office, the expanding cell of the UNS through your promotive offering.

You can even register your local effort in an appropriate way if you see the need. Just make sure you present it as an offering, like this web site. There are no restrictions in the offerings as long as they keep legal in your local country and are free of any kind of violence.
We need action, which is not under any central control.

Examples of actions your local cell or group can take:

Organize music and art festivals

Organize Music FestivalsOrganize chaski music and art festivals to present the UNS and the efforts of the local cell or cells you work in alliance with.

Organize conscious events

  • awareness encounters
  • conscious movie nights
  • discussions
  • ancient wisdom fairs
  • protest marches against the abuse of nature and original nations
  • poster campaigns
  • prayer meetings
  • Kiva encounters with the help of “Roots of the Earth” Mexico
  • healthy envirormental-friendly compassion food distribition

Start a campaign for the Rights of Nature

Start a local campaign for the Rights of NatureStart a campaign to get the rights of nature locally into law and policy. Report your effort and results to

There are no limits how to weave the heart to heart tapestry of conscious activists.

Keep high quality of transparency

If you raise funds locally and invest them keep high quality of transparency. Nobody should gain riches on behalf of the UNS. Thus local organisation and registration is possible, but without any claim to the name or exclusive representation. The UNS inspire the good-hearted people to work hard for the beloved Mother Earth, called Pachamama in Kechua language, and for all living beings.

Share your activities

All of you are invited to share your good work for the UNS blog. Just email us at Regular contributors will get direct access to the Blog to post directly.

Free usage of visual materials

All movies, articles, graphic posters, books and other print and visual materials are offered to be used by any other cell without complications of copyrights.

Organize your local cell with caution

The spirit of love and trust is our real treasure. The confused people, who work against the ideals of the UNS, may try to discredit our efforts by introducing unacceptable actions. We have to be careful when such infiltrations manifest.

All individuals should be aware. Anything, which does not promote loving efforts for the benefit of all beings, is not really the UNS and is not qualified even to be presented as an offering to the UNS.