Government attacks participants in the international meeting of liberators and liberators of Mother Earth in Corinto, Colombia


At 8:30 am today, August 3, ESMAD arrived at point one of Mother Earth Liberation in Corinth, firing tear gas, firing rubber bullets and burning the cambuches of the participants to the international meeting. They also burned down and destroyed all the logistics that had been organized for the event, the shed, the bathrooms, the kitchen and abusively consumed the food that had been prepared for the participants of the meeting.

As a result of this aggression there is an injured person, who fortunately is out of danger.

We remind the national and international community that the international meeting of liberators and liberators of Mother Earth have been convening and organizing in an autonomous manner the indigenous communities of North Cauca that lead the exercise of liberation of Mother Earth for three years, in coordination with the traditional authorities.

This meeting calls on all people from every corner of the world to walk, as a people, as a person, as a collective, as a process or as a movement, with the effort to free the heart and the Earth from a struggle and concrete practice that Confront and put aside capitalism. Mother Earth has little time left to germinate life, so the matter is very simple. “If we do not release Mother Earth, we are condemning ourselves to disappear.”

We denounce and reject the repeated aggressions of the National Government against the liberating communities of the Mother Earth of North Cauca and the country. As far as the liberation, the National Government has already killed three indigenous comuneros and the attacks have left more than 250 people injured.

In a council recently held in Valle del Cauca, where the governors of the Department of Valle and Cauca participated, senior military commanders and owners of sugar mills in the region, agreed to implement more public force, ESMAD and police to take care of the properties of the businessmen, as well as a specialized judge, who will be in charge of the judicializations of those who exercise the legitimate demand of their rights. The National Government, through government policies and the armed forces, continues to favor private interests, over and above collective rights.

It is not consistent that while President Santos, through the public force, attacks and assassinates indigenous communities, he receives international prizes for being the president of peace. I express a liberator of the Mother Earth of Corinto, who in turn reiterates the fraternal invitation to the International Encounter of Liberators and Liberators of Mother Earth. In spite of the aggression of the public force, the goal goes because it goes “. says the liberator.

By: Communication Wejxia Kasenxi Corinthian Indigenous Cabildo
Source: Consejo Regional Indigena del Cauca – CRIC