Offering to Mamo Palia


Offering to a Sage, Mamo Palia Dingula Moscote, for the Unity of Ancestral Wisdom.

This is how the Elders advise us on the spiritual path; never try to catch the butterflies, because it will be very difficult. They will go away every time again and again… Be smart and you will see that when you stay still they will simply come to you.

Always work unselfishly for the cultivation of patience, tolerance and humility. Keep your goal firm and stable and this way the positive result of your offerings will come to you and the Universe, since like any good servant, you never wanted to own or control.

The World Conscious Pact, the University of Ancestral Wisdom and the United Nations of the Spirit pay homage to Mamo Palia Dingula, who gave his life to guard and support the Universal Rights of Nature as a faithful recipient and spokesman of the Language of the Mother. His legacy is a worthy and inspiring offering for the future generations of leaders and activists, defenders of Mother Nature. It is an invaluable offering for the United Nations of the Spirit.

On December 31, 1948, in the Sacred Territory of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Valledupar, Mother Earth greeted Kogui, José Dingula Moscote (Mamo Palia) among Her children. From early age he undertook the study of Ancestral Wisdom in its deepest aspects and later became the recipient of IKWASHENDWNA and NaturaGente SalvaVidas. Mamo Palia has always been characterized by his extreme simplicity, humility and spiritual revolution in the search for Unity between the Ancestral communities of the Sierra Nevada and the World.

Today, May 31, 2017, we report that in the company of Lwntana Dingula (his son) and Eduardo Pinto (his student), both disciples and representatives of Ikwashendwna, the Mamo left his body to continue his search of the Spirit. His departure was given at 9:00 pm on May 30, 2017 at the University Hospital Fernando Troconis, closing his eyes peacefully and kindly. Until their last moments the Mamo did not leave aside his spiritual work and firm determination to instruct his companions.

The departure of the Grandfather of the Mamo is a cause for regret that we can no longer receive his guidance and instructions. However, for the World Conscious Pact, the University of Ancestral Wisdom, the United Nations of the Spirit and PaXamama News the separation of a loved one is transcendence, or a step closer to the Spirit, considering that it is the Divine Mother and the Universal Father the seed of all existence. We pray to accept this moment with wisdom and express our support and commitment to his family and community as brothers of the same nation and children of the same Mother.

We greet this Day with prayer, as an offering to dismiss a Mamo.

Text: Walter Andrés Gómez Vera
PaXamama News