From the Heart of the Earth – Song in Spanish


The group Ananda Reggae launched its new video-clip called: “Del Corazón de la Tierra” (From the Heart of the Earth); track part of their most recent album “Respiro Mixtape” (Breath Mixtape).

Bhajan Ananda (lead vocal): The lyrics of this song are inspired by the documentary made by the Spanish artist Alicia Pakareu, who was touring throught South America showing her work. Among them was a short fil called “From the Heart of the Earth” in which Ángela Angulo Ranz declaims one of her poems. Listening to this poetry, I felt inspired to make a song to remind us of the values ​​of the Earth, a fact that seems to be increasingly ignored. I approached Alicia and between conversations I told her that I would loved to make a song of this poetry; she showed great enthusiasm and spoke with Angela, who immediately approved her poem to be mixed with Ananda Raggae’s music.

This song is a fusion of rhythms and new sounds with thought of several artists in favor of the same ideal. The song was recorded on a beat of Crude Means Raw, recognized producer and MC of the city of Medellín, Colombia; was produced by Tune Full and Dj Senkua, in the chorus we had the support of Jeny Suaza (Vrindavan Devi Dasi), an excellent singer also from Medellin, who gave her special touch.

We hope this message reaches the ears and hearts of many and to care more about this cause, because the Earth has the capacity to support us all, but it does not have the capacity to supply the whims of the ambitious ones. There are much more to know and to deepen in this subject which is so essential for life itself.

Afterwards came the idea of ​​the videoclip. With this video we wanted to show the importance of the native tribes and indigenous peoples who are the clearest example of love and respect for the Pachamama and simple life with high thinking. We have the support of several photographers and professional cameramen from Colombia, who with great affection donated their images to make this offering together; they are: César David Martínez, Pedro Pablo Tattay, Arturo Almaza, David Sánchez and Leonardo Sánchez. The edition and the general work of production were in charge of Eco Visuals and ProMedios, constituted by David Sánchez and Luis Miguel García.