Jamaka – Naciones Unidas del Espíritu – Spanish & English


This song is an offering to The United Nations of the Spirit, which represents the unity of ancestral nations and cultures, as well as of all mestizo people aware of the urgent need for a true change towards a harmonious coexistence between the human being and all the other beings that we are part of this planet Earth; called by such cultures as Pacha Mama, Tonantzin Tlalli, Gaia, Srimati Bhumi and means: “Mother Earth”.

And in this song we count on the loving participation of Mumta Ito – activist, lawyer and defender of the rights of the Earth in Europe; Swami Paramadvaiti – spiritual master, who is part of the disciplic succession of an ancient line of teachers and international activist promoting the Love and the rights of Mother Earth; and lastly Saamdhu Chetri – activist and promoter of global happiness. Included are also the songs extracted from the original video of the time the United Nations of the Spirit was born in the ecovillage “Varsana”, Colombia, on 12th December 2015.

Full Album: Jamaka Universal Music Feeling
Artist: Jamaka