Love in Deed is Love Indeed

Love in Deed is Love Indeed

Poem by Brahma Theodoridis, Sweden

A water molecule droplet adorning the glacier
as a delicate ice crystal.
A dedicated frost flower
Whose power of will,
have frozen with her flow.
Now as snow she seem so slow as if still.

Yet still…
With a closer look within
We may see her soul broidery
Her aesthetic expression,
One of a kind, unique
Yet alike all her kin,
A Hexagonal star aligned physique.
She is pure sigil magic!
The mystical yantra of the land of pure love.

An intricate pattern
Whose petal symmetry,
circumfer her hearts center core.
Pure in her detailed arts purpose.
A miniature in composition with Natures cosmic picture.
The Mother of mothers art rendering to the seedgiving father of all living.
Whose large eyes illuminates our world
As the Sun and Moon.

A frozen perfection.
Content in her solitude expression.
As ancient as her glaciers shelter, the mountain.
Her seasons passed as days…

…Until one spring night when struck silver bright by a fullmoon ray.
She heard a melodious song from deep within.
The song of the fullmoon:

Dear droplet of saintly core constitution!
The dawn to come will be your first ever,
your first true liberation.
Let go of all pride of exalted position and beauty.

Your time has come gentle flake, melt now for love’s sake!
Descend to nurture the diverse desires of all below.
Unlock each seeds desire
and remain with your memory to sooth the gentle seedlings thirst for fathers distant fire.
Absorbed in earths warm union in separation.
You are ment to be much more then a crystal prism show.
Suns sight have always lit your beauty.
And when enlightened by the heavens celestial regent,
you have always felt content.
The coming dawning of the sun will reveal to you his complete potency.
The warm beam of his light ray.
Let that warmth of love in, deep within.
She is the eternal consort of the light of wisdom.
Together, they will grant you freedom.
Let her melt your statement of ice.
Of frozen static memories.
Become yourself !
A verb of devotion
Your pictures perfect motion.

Drop your guard of sharp crystal
Let him pierce your heart with his darting sight.
Very swiftly, the raybeam will melt your ancient symmetry.

More than content, you will brim over in joy
and flow to give for free, the gift of giving to all living
Enlivened by giving life!
You along with your kin will nurse every earthling simply by being.

Now rush! Unite your smallness with the ocean of your mother’s devotion.
You see? Bright father sun reside in the sky, far above, yet appears in the salty sea below in the form of reflection.
Mother’s pure Tears source, spring from nothing but sweetest affection.

Fear of responsability have long frozen your ability to respond to love. Fear of being a person.
Relating, Fear of confluencing.

Earth mother always called you with her gravity, yet you prefered to remain in your private ice palace.
A unique crystal flower, perfected unto yourself.
In liquid form you will never hesitate to flow to the lowest of the low.
Fear of impurity you will never know
As you seek to quench the thirst of the weak
And purify the undeserving.
Kept forever pure by your motive to give soothing relief to the suffering.
All from glacier to geizer, you will heal the sick and and teach the healthy of life’s supreme secret.
“Unconditional love liberates you from all conditioning”
In your liquid state of being, your external form of appearence will merge with your core essence.
Countless newly melted, likehearted, will unite with your common cause of causeless giving.
Together you will increase one anothers longing flow and form the coreography of earth’s sacred rivers dancing.
The awake and wise with half closed eyes dwelling all along the silvery riverbanks,
the introspective sages.
They’ll pen your flow into ink and fill volumes of pages.
Following your example they will descend as well.
Sharing their faith. Their realized experience,
Your visual animation of spontanious devotion, express the wisest of all conclusion in all simplicity.
Full! filled to the brim with your fearless spirit ” May the whole of the world be healthy and happy!
You will be the form of love A Love that grant you love to love.
You will have not time for yourself and attain a transparent liquid form.
In the company of many droplets,
Love will guide you into true humility,
True flexibility.
And confluence in harmony with your kin to animate earth’s most beautiful elemental body.
Faith and Surrender will be your eyes and limbs to render service in bliss.
Seek the trickling Streams, you hear their humming chant?
Find a sacred river and join her mighty choir song.
Roar your wish to serve purely in her many waterfalls.
All along your way, the sweetness of your being
will soak the seedbearing soil with your own yearning.
Sprouting into lush greenery, dotted with scented flowers.
The zenith circle, a tropical embrace of ever diverse green designs! Your beloved Earth Mother certainly favour Green colour!
The merge of bright yellow and deep blue.
The union of him and her is hidden within you.

Oh, just see…
Bound by her love, the Sun is never late for dawn, sharing his warmth and brightness, effortless.
His early morning sidelong golden glance, A gaze of pencil rays , animating natures beauty
As she forms in accord with the heart of her eternal romance…
Love in deed is love indeed.

Beloveds needs sown with the sight in the soil of the lover.
She sees in his eyes what he wish to see with them.
You, dear droplet, will allow the union of the beloved and the lover, the landscape shelter and the infinite sky above her.