Weaving the Tapestry of Love – An Offering to the United Nations of the Spirit


We are happy and honored to present this magazine, which aims to explain what is, or better said who are, the United Nations of the Spirit; when and where this sacred unity in diversity was founded and what are the key messages of the founders of the UNS to all people of this world – the 7 Agreements of the UNS and the 9 Principles of Life.

The magazine reveals different projects and initiatives, which serve the call of the original nations of the world: to respect the native communities and their territories, to preserve and spread the Ancient Wisdom, to protect the sanctuaries and sacred routes and to become guardians of our sacred Mother Earth. All necessary contact details are included for further information.

You can also find out about the UNS alliances and collaborators from different countries around the world, ready and happy to receive your queries. Everyone is invited to participate and keep weaving the tapestry of Love, a tapestry of Universal Love above all differences. There are personal steps we can take in our life and thus align with the ideal of the United Nations of the Spirit.

The magazine highlights the historic upcoming event in Allahabad, India, in 2019, where native Elders from many tribes are joining the Kumbha Mela to pray for Mother Earth’s rights together with the spiritual leaders of India.

With gratitude to the team, who worked on the magazine and to everybody inspired to spread this offering!

Keep weaving the tapestry of Love!