Principles of Life

1. We recognise our common Mother and Father – The Creators, and The Original Law manifested and expressed in the natural order. Thus we declare ourselves the United Nations of the Spirit.

2. We offer an educational path based on our Ways of Life, made to educate real human beings.

3. We invite everyone who have forgotten their ancestral memory, to come back and drink from this fountain of ancient wisdom.

4. We believe that all nature (minerals, animals, plants, forests, rivers, mountains, humans, planets, stars, and the invisible world) are not just resources. They are our family, and therefore it is essential to live together in harmony.

5. We declare that intercultural communication and the exchange of knowledge encourage recognition of our common humanity, respect of our differences, and development of common agreements based on the Original Law.

6. We declare that our spirituality is not some kind of an exotic religion, but a way of life in agreement with all beings, the nature and the Universe.

7. We recognise the Divine universal mother in the female form; but in women we do not see a model of transient beauty that one can own and control.

8. We are fulfilling the dream of our ancestors. Our ancient peoples have been silent, for they know how to listen, but they also know how to speak and propose wisely. This educational proposal is now urgent for humanity. It puts life in the center – the coexistence in harmony with all the visible and invisible living beings. So, with the foundations of the ancient tradition, a new united humanity rises up from the nine corners of the world.

9. We announce that our political system is COSMOGEOCRACY. The natural order and organisation of the Cosmos is linked to the order and the organisation of the Earth where everything is interconnected. To accomplish this, we must extend, share and prepare the land, so that the seed of the human heart germinates and thrives.