Roy Littlesun and Angélica Littlemoon – Spain


Diplumas ceremony to Roy Littlesun and Angelica Littlemoon in Barcelona, November 2017

The representatives of the University of Ancestral Wisdom in Spain delivered these days a few Diplumas of the United Nations of the Spirit to Roy Littlesun and Angelica Littlemoon in recognition of their commitment of many years as guardians of Nature, Peace and Consciousness.

This offering from the University of Ancestral Wisdom recognizes Roy Littlesun, as spiritual guide elder of the Hopi tradition of Arizona who received the spiritual legacy of the Hopi universe through his master and adoptive father Titus Qomayumptewa.

Roy has been traveling all over the world for the past 30 years, to share the Oneheart Knowledge that is necessary for global reconstruction, the very foundation of achieving comprehensive health, which centers around the Onelaw, the law of the creation. His message focuses on purifying the blood through food, the true medicine of humanity to generate a change from within. His wife Angelica complements his task by deepening into emotions as a means of healing.

Roy Littlesun and Angelica Littlemoon prepare for June 23 th and 24 th 2018, the Universal Proclamation for Consciousness and Friendship in their School of Avatars in Tarroja de Segarra, Catalunya, where hundreds of people from all over the world will gather in the Second Wave of the Universal Proclamation.

It is a call to all the citizens of the world to participate in a common proposal without limitations, united by the commitment to live and work to create a more harmonious and prosperous world.

In 2015 representatives from Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Europe and America were decisive in initiating the Universal Proclamation (conceived by Roy Littlesun) in Barcelona. This Document “Has Matured in His Spirit” for two years. And now the time has come to find the Effective Way to expand, along with the Power of Friendship.

In 2018 the invited representatives who understood and agreed to the Universal Proclamation Concept (see and many friends, will come to this Soul Meeting, to Add Power to the “Second Wave”

The Universal Proclamation in its Essence:

1 – Universal Peace / World Union (the Circle) can only be Established if it is centered around the Common Denominator of Creation (Center), which is the Only Law. In other words, the circle can only be established if it has a Center. This Principle has been absent in ALL “Peace Proposals”. The Treaties and Petitions are from “Yesterday”. The “demonstrations” also fall short. All this directs the use of laws that can be used as weapons, making the laws being the weapons (today, more obvious than ever). Obviously, without a True Center, there is no Circle.

2- Therefore, the Only Law of the Creator (Center of the Centers) first needs to be understood in terms of the Practice of Normal Everyday Life. Therefore, the Mass Educational Program must be launched by “True for and by People” people.

3- The First Application of the Only Law, CHANGE, is to ourselves and can not be more Basic and Practical than Changing our DAILY Food in the BLOOD, through which we can function, feel, have emotions, think, make decisions and act. THINK. For this the KITCHEN has to be restored as a Governing Center, as it was before the infamous Inquisition. Since it was the first Temple (church), Laboratory, Hospital, School of Life and Bank (Barn). Therefore, what controls the quality of our blood, controls everything. Nowadays, all this has become more than evident. It all started with the Inquisition of Rome, which made Woman the first objective of the Persecution. Agreeing with the aforementioned, the Representatives also agree to be the Responsible for SHARING all the Universal Proclamation through their Communication Channels. Of course, Each One is called to be a Part of this Action.

Delivering the diplumas to our friends
Delivering the diplumas to our friends
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