The Maloka

The purpose of the United Nations of the Spirit can only be achieved through people who accept its precepts in their hearts and who want to experience and represent it. To achieve this we need to to make it public and well known and to organise local awareness groups, where each and every person is capable and authorised to hold meetings (rotundas), where the concept of the United Nations of the Spirit comes to life.

In this place, they would hold frequent meetings and prayers of the sacred memory of ancestral peoples. They would be able to guide mankind and give them answers whenever needed. This rotunda is a Maloka, which was built by the bamboo manufacturer Villay in the sacred territory of the Muiscas that is currently under the protection of the Varsana Eco Yoga Village in Colombia. In connection with this place, Adolfo, the grandfather of the Amazons, declared that he had seen in a dream that this meeting would occur and it would happen in a rotunda of five moons. So the builder managed to develop the Maloka. The Maloka is also known as Nath Mandir in Vedic culture – it is a site suitable for the glorification of Ancestral Wisdom and prayers of invocation.