Protect Grandmother Moon


We all know the Moon effect on tides. We read about the relation between the lunar phases and human behavior and psychology. Furthermore, the Kanienke’ha’ka people, also known as the Mohawk people, tell us that Grandmother Moon is the beating heart of Mother Earth.

They tell us that we all have an intimate relationship with the Moon. Hence any exploitation of Her, any alteration of Her mass or surface will have a dramatic irreversible effect on all living beings on the planet.

This understanding comes from the Native American ancient wisdom and is part of the natural law of creation. We, all human beings, need to understand the importance of protecting our Grandmother Moon for the sake of preserving life on Earth.

Meeting with the Mohawk people

A meeting between representatives of the Mohawk people and the United Nations of the Spirit was held on 25th May 2017. It was the first out of many, we pray, and the beginning of a sacred alliance for the welfare of all.

Presentation of Stuart Myiow from the Mohawk tribe
Presentation of Stuart Myiow from the Mohawk nation

The Mohawk people are part of the indigenous people of North America. Despite the British and French colonization, they have preserved the ancestral knowledge of the cycles, origins and functions of:

  • Mother Earth,
  • Grandmother Moon,
  • our cousins the stars,
  • and our relationship with the Universe.

Very alarmed by the efforts of modern civilization to colonize the Moon, they contacted us to share their wisdom and concern about the future of life on Earth.

A Mohawk Opening

The meeting started with a Mohawk opening on kanienkeha language.

Then it was translated to all participants:

We give thanks to the very first being within creation, which is Sky Woman. We give thanks to Sky Woman, because She has given us Spirit.

From there we give thanks to our Grandmother Moon. She is the beating heart of our Mother Earth and She have given us blood.

Then we give thanks to Mother Earth. She is the mother of us all and has given us body.

We give thanks to all the women, from the new born baby girls to the greatest grandmothers. They are all the mothers of our nations and are to be honored for their sacred role of a life giver, bringing life into this world.

Then we thank for being able to gather from all parts of the world and discuss the essential issue of protecting life. And we ask that everybody’s mind stays clear and focused.

Moon Effect on Earth

The cycles of the Moon
The lunar cycles and Mother Earth

The central topic of our gathering was the Moon effect on Earth and the importance of fighting against Her destruction.

The Mohawk people teach us that everything is affected by Earth’s gravitational force – from a small stream to the vast oceans, from a single tree to the rainforests, from a tiny insect to the largest animals. If the Earth’s gravitational force is disrupted, all living beings on Earth will be disrupted.

We all function within the balance of our Mother Earth’s magnetic field and it is directly liked, affected and caused by our Grandmother Moon.

Therefore if we affect or change the Moon, we immediately alter Earth’s magnetic field. Then we immediately alter the gravitational force of our Mother Earth.

Our Grandmother Moon is literally the beating heart of our Mother Earth. She regulates the flow of the life blood upon our Mother Earth.

Everybody knows that the moon causes the tides in the Earth’s oceans. So if it can affect such enormous body of water as the oceans, then it is clear that it also moves our body of water. And everything is formed of water.

The Assault to our Grandmother Moon, Called NASA Moon Mission

There is a current, a worldwide assault to Grandmother Moon, the beating heart of our Mother Earth. There are 7.5 billion people, who are committed against the Moon, without realizing this. And the assault to the moon is planned to start in June 2017.

“If I stab your heart, If I put a needle in your heart, what would happen? The first thing that would happen is that the heart would have heart palpitations, there will be fluctuations. You might not die right away. You might be alive for a minute and a half, two minutes, fully conscious. But all intents and purposes, from the second I stick this knife in your heart, you are dead.

Within one Moon there will be a knife sticking into the heart of our Mother Earth. And every woman is going to experience that final day, when they are going to know that something is wrong. They are going to notice that something is broken, something that cannot be fixed back. This is what we are looking at within one Moon.“, says Stuart Myiow.

The assault of our Grandmother Moon will irreversibly alter all women on the planet. They will be no longer able to experience their womanhood in a natural way. And this will happen to every plant, every fish, all the waters. Everything on the planet is about to be altered.

The assault of the Moon is planned to begin in June 2017, and it has been carried on right from the foundation of the United Nations. Through the World Monetary Fund and the World Bank every nation on Earth is able to participate and support the destruction of their own lives.

Protect our Grandmother Moon

The efforts of the Mohawk people are focused on creating an alliance to protect our Grandmother Moon. The United Nations is not supporting their struggle; on the contrary, they are working hard to keep their message away from the public.

This call is towards the indigenous people and all the people, who respect the original peoples. It is a call to form an alliance and work together in truth. We all need to join our energy and strength to do something real, which can stop the destruction that is happening.

Planting the Three Sisters - Corn, Beans and Squash
Planting the Three Sisters – Corn, Beans and Squash

All the energy and focus of the Mohawk people is to protect our Grandmother Moon and live according to the natural law of creation. They continue with their native ceremonies:

  • planting the three sisters: corn, beans and squash,
  • doing their moon ceremonies,
  • bringing the young girls and boys into the natural cycle of the Moon ceremonies.

In this way they work to get people linked once again to the beating heart and the pulse of our Mother Earth with Her natural rhythm.

Final Words

Modern civilization has stepped away from the natural law of creation and has brought suffering and damage to all parts of the world, to all aspects of life.

Claiming it to be scientific and economic progress, NASA and the UN have developed a plan to exploit Grandmother Moon. This plan is indirectly supported by all people on the planet through the local tax regimes.

We need to spread awareness of the devastative effects of this plan, which will literally mean to stick a knife to the beating heart of our Mother Earth. We need to unite as protectors of life on Earth and do something real to prevent that from happening.

If you want to join our efforts or learn more about this, please contact us via email:

Text: Rasalila Rosi Metodieva
Source: Kanienke’ha’ka Traditional Councilation