The KIVA – The Heart of All Peoples


La Kiva - Raices de la TierraWhat is KIVA?

The Kiva is a sacred circular creation within the earth, with a fire in the center, during the 4 days ceremony, and 4 main altars to honor the elements or directions of creation.

It is used as a sacred instrument to receive prayers from beings of ancestral hierarchy, forming a vibration of multidimensional healing.

The KIVA Origin

The KIVA comes from the ancient Anasazi, an Amerindian archaeological culture of the territory known as Oasis America, today part of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Chihuahua.

The Anasazi are part of the origin of several indigenous peoples, among which are the Hopi people.

In their territory there are Kivas more than 1000 years old, which serve to connect and embrace the prayers, songs and prayers of different native peoples, for the well-being of our ancestral cultures and thus help the balance of our Mother Earth.

Raymundo Tigre Pérez’s vision

Raymundo Tigre PerezAfter the impact of the crossroads of cultures of Europe and our America, for a very small period of time the Kiva fell into a lethargy space-time, about 70 – 80 years.

It was during a ceremony where Raymundo Tigre Pérez, Medicine man of the “Red Road”, had the first visions that the Earth was sad.

He saw how a Kiva was born with a fire inside, and beings of different languages ​​and sounds with garments of different colors came to pray and transform Mother Earth´s sadness into joy, and began to beat and vibrate emanating Peace, Healing and Prosperity.

The Return of the KIVA

Our grandfather Raymundo started the return of the Kiva in different reservations of U.S.A.

It was till 1989 when the Kiva medicine entered Mexico through our Teopantli Kalpulli community, 40 km south from the City of Guadalajara, where it took strength.

Year after year the KIVA has been receiving prayers from ancestral grandfathers and grandmothers. They are concentrating the power of infinite love in the ashes of fire, sowing and connecting these ashes where a new fire is born: The KIVA.

This way they are enhancing the light and blessings and helping the spiritual purpose of the community or the ancestral grandparents, who decided to care for a KIVA. Thus they gradually help the energy of the different planes and realms of the beings of the Earth.

The Kiva and the United Nations of the Spirit

The Kiva temple in Varsana

Thanks to the work and love of more than 600 spiritual authorities, the Kiva is constantly growing and weaving a multicolor tapestry in different parts of the world.

It led to the creation of THE UNITED NATIONS OF THE SPIRIT in the Kiva of Roots of the Earth, in the Krishna community called VARSANA, near Bogotá, Colombia, last December 12 of 2015.

Where after a work of Peace and Ancestral Knowledge, which lasted 4 years, it was decided to give life to this new tapestry of love. UNS is the true union in the Spirit of beings, which still remain connected to the original and divine essence of our Mother Earth.

The Kiva Kumbha Mela INDIA 2019

Thanks to the love of Gurudeva Paramadvaiti Swami, there is born the inspiration of bringing the Kiva experience of prayer and vibration to India in February 2019.

And so, for the first time, there will become real the union of the Eastern and Western Spiritual Nations of our Mother Earth, integrated by the Kiva as an instrument of healing and integration of a bridge of wisdom, love, and ancestral fraternal knowledge that springs from the heart of the Earth, thus forming the UNITED NATIONS OF THE SPIRIT… the true hope for peace and love among the children of the Earth.

With love for all in common-unity
Director of Roots of the Earth

Paxamama News is an offering to the United Nations of the Spirit and currently the official channel of the great celebration that will be held for the first time in the known history: the sacred Kiva Kumbha Mela India 2019.