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UNS Certificate of Recognition

As an offering to the United Nations of the Spirit from the University of Ancient Wisdom is the introduced below Certificate of Recognition for supporting the rights of Mother Earth and embracing the declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit.

There are spiritual authorities, public figures, environmental activists, scientists, permaculture farmers, conscious artists, bright people with high ideals.

There are organisations, communities, projects and initiatives in different parts of the world.

They all work hard and even risk their lives in the name of the wellfare of Mother Earth, all humanity and all living beings.

To all those lightworkers we express our gratefulness by delivering the UNS Certificate of Recognition.

It is a way of promoting and uniting the efforts of individuals, as well as organisations, who strive for protecting Mother Earth and the original nations of the world.

It is a way of weaving a tapestry of higher consciousness on the basis of universal love, respect for differences and individual responsibility.

It is also a way of spreading the Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit and enthusing people to live according to the 9 principles of life and make their personal committment and offering.

The Certificate of Recognition is connected with the Ikwashendwna passport, which is another offering to the UNS. If you are a vegetarian, vegan or an exceptional protector of Mother Earth, you can use it anywhere in the world and obtain discounts in our associated establishments, restaurants and shops! To receive it, go to: HERE

If you are acquainted with local authorities and personalities, who deserve to receive the Certificate of Recognition, feel free to download and produce any of the provided files.

If you are inspired to spread the 9 principles of life and enthuse people to make committments to the UNS, feel welcome to download and distribute any of the provided files.

If you are interested in translating the Certificate in your local language, please contact us at: contact@unitednationsofthespirit.org.

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