Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit

Declaración final

Renewal of the Ancient Teachings

The Principles of Life

On December 12, 2015, in the eco-village Varsana, Colombia, we presented the spoken law of the Great Spirit, where in we announce the rules and regulations of the origin and the way of life. To fulfill this agreement, we present the following document and aim to renew the ancient teachings.

The agreement was put on paper, putting an end to the Hoska ceremony – “the word, the prayer and the breath of life”. The ceremony took place during the meeting of the Indigenous spiritual authorities who came to South America from the north to fulfill the prophecy of the union of the nations.

We are the ancient tribes of the Nadda, Panches, Misak, Kogui, Wiwa, Uwa, Yana-cona, Cofan, Embera Chami, Huitoto, Quimbaya, Mhuisqa Chibcha, Wirrarikas, Vaisnava, Maya Chontal, Maya Quinche, Apache, Quechua, and the native mestizos, and all want to announce that we have a common origin and that common origin is the mind. The mind of the Great Spirit from which everything originates. Thus, it is our duty to place our mind in connection with the source, remembering that we all came here to live from Him and for Him.

The 9 Principles of the UNS – the 9 breaths of life:

  1. We recognise our common Mother and Father – The Creators, and The Original Law manifested and expressed in the natural order. Thus we declare ourselves the United Nations of the Spirit.
  1. We offer an educational path based on our Ways of Life, made to educate real human beings.
  1. We invite everyone who have forgotten their ancestral memory, to come back and drink from this fountain of ancient wisdom.
  1. We believe that all nature (minerals, animals, plants, forests, rivers, mountains, humans, planets, stars, and the invisible world) are not just resources. They are our family, and therefore it is essential to live together in harmony.
  1. We declare that intercultural communication and the exchange of knowledge encourage recognition of our common humanity, respect for our differences, and development of common agreements based on the Original Law.
  1. We declare that our spirituality is not some kind of an exotic religion, but a way of life in agreement with all beings, the Nature and the Universe.
  1. We recognise the Divine universal mother in all women; and reject to see them as models of transient beauty that one can own and control.
  1. We are fulfilling the dream of our ancestors. Our ancient peoples have been silent, for they know how to listen, but they also know how to speak and propose wisely. This educational proposal is now urgent for humanity. It puts life in the center – the coexistence in harmony with all the visible and invisible living beings.
  1. We announce that our political system is COSMOGEOCRACY. The natural order and organisation of the Cosmos is linked to the order and the organisation of the Earth where everything is interconnected. To accomplish this, we must extend, share and prepare the land, so that the seed of the human heart germinates and thrives.

These are the words of the natives that have never been published; the peoples of the north, east, west and south.

These new-old teachings that have been fallen asleep are now getting reborn in all directions. They had to be fulfilled from the beginning of the Universe, guided by the elders, the guardians of knowledge.

The breath of life of the sacred tobacco represents this birth, through which the pollen of ancient memory is awakened. These teachings are the breath and create the seed pulp that is transformed in all the material elements, spirits, humans, planets, stars and the invisible world.

Having these teachings that come from the heart, each nation gave up the ideas and beliefs that did not allow them to see clearly. Everyone – individually and collectively – gave up that thing which was living inside of them as a parasite, and everything that was stopping them from reconnecting with the original consciousness. The preparation of the amilra (an ancient ceremony performed with tobacco leafs) purifies everything that stops us from seeing things clearly.  People nowadays have lost the ambil stick (the spirit of the word), so the ambil remained asleep in illusion, forgetting the original law.

We are the announced prophecy of the peoples and nations around the world, the birth of a new humanity, a new ancient culture, where every nation is responsible for its natural norms and its original law. We must all return to the mentality of this great creative spirit and starting from there, to multiply this story of origin. From this point we must announce that there is a path for the human seed, and that we are the seed of the Original creator.

We now must return to the path of the natural being, considering and respecting that each native nation has its path in cultivating the human seed. Today we are restored in the CosmoGeoCracy, so that the human seed germinates and thrives, and we become Naturagentes, guardians and custodians of life.

The native people propose us to follow the footsteps of the ancient ones.

Even before the baby is born, it is connected to the natural order – before the conception, during gestation and in the vital cycle of labor, the being is always in connection with nature; and it is not possible to be human without understanding this order. It is our duty to live in the community and communicate. From the mystery of creation we are more than what is manifested. This includes all of nature, since there is a higher mind (God), the essence of which is to make us unite and become a community. Therefore, we propose an agreement to return to the original wisdom that allows us to be one with everything and everyone.

We, the ancient peoples, offer a cultural agreement: between ancient wisdom of natural humanisation and the artificial technological world. We intend to create a synthesis between what was brought in 1492 and what we have had here since the beginning, to generate a new old order, to allow the path of existence. We understand that the modern world has taken away our life and existence, for we propose a path that preserves existence.

All humans should have the possibility to walk the way of existence, for we are not this body. And although we have this body, we should keep walking and enable everyone to become an explorer of this mystery. To return to the origin, to remember who we really are and to adjust our lives allowing everyone to live and exist freely. This is what we are here to propose.

This continent is basically a mixture, so we return to our heritage and the memory of our native mother and the land to create a synthesis. We DO NOT deny the western world, moreover we propose an agreement: an agreement for all to become Naturagentes.

We declare ourselves the United Nations of the Spirit of the Naturagente.

The United Nations of the Spirit (UNS)


This meeting was the a dream come true. A dream that these who wanted to become guardians of nature once had. These who sought for support in their activities and their thoughts, backed up by a legitimate ancestral guide. They were listening to the words of grandfathers and grandmothers from different ancient ethnicities and cultures about the chaotic situation in the world and got their advice how to solve the various environmental problems based on their traditions and knowledge.

This effort to bring together different ancestral knowledge was received happily and got the support of the collective ancestral leaders who joined the United Nations of the Spirit. On the fourth day of the celebration, in the Temple of the Heart of Mother Earth, the sacred memory of the grandparents was manifested in their prayers. They have gathered to create this new platform that represents the interests of all.

On the last day of the Kiva in Granada, Colombia, the message was signed with the ambil (sacred tobacco). Not only a message, but an invitation for everyone to become an activist, a representative and a defender of the United Nations of the Spirit. The news was received with such a great enthusiasm and joy. It managed to fill in the vacuum that had been created by the disintegration among the peoples, used by the narrow interests of powerful corporations.

Additionally, international NGOs such as AvaazNavdanya, and many others, have published studies about the environmental crisis. They have inspired many activists to make various efforts to establish the rights of Mother Nature through the Original Law, to ensure compliance with this law, and to protect the planet from climate change and the native peoples from oppression.

The unity in diversity declared by the United Nations of the Spirit is based on love and respect. It is focused on the collective needs and it comes to strengthen the multiculturalism and the harmony between all peoples. The ancient cultures might have a great impact the world against the forces that have created difficulties between peoples.

The Declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit was developed after many nights of meditation and reflection in the rotunda. This place was accepted by the wise grandparents as an historic site where members of different cultures and ethnicities would meet and receive the guidance from an ancestral authority.

While the grandparents were putting their signatures on the Declaration, the Mayor of Granada Cundinamarca arrived with his wife. He was one of the first to sign the it and he symbolically received the message from the grandparents. That was how the United Nations of the Spirit were created.

The document was immediately printed out in order to accompany the cultural activities and the campaign for promoting the United Nations of the Spirit.

We ask all everybody who is reading this message to sign the Declaration and spread this knowledge as widely as possible.

Projects that connect with humanity

Gathering wise grandmothers and grandfathers of the native tribes, the United Nations of the Spirit is not a legislative institution. It depends on the actions and the purity of those who truly follow the path of ancient wisdom. We believe that those who are searching for clarity can embrace and actively promote this message. However, there are different methodologies recommended to accelerate the purification process. Having a lot of convinced and enthusiastic people who can form small groups would raise awareness of the United Nations of the Spirit and give access to all the teaching materials out there. The United Nations of the Spirit is a non-profit initiative and it aims to build confidence in its leaders and precepts. All the various political structures in the world should have the individual responsibility to find the way to incorporate the ancient wisdom and the recommendations of the United Nations of the Spirit in their local situations.

The United Nations of the Spirit are based on the transcendental realities, on our faith in the meaning of life and coexistence. Therefore, the agreements made between the local grandparents and the modern administration and its various impacts depend on the maturity of both sides. Certainly, it will take a long time to harmonise all the difficulties, but its high time to sort this out. We believe that people will soon start putting tremendous efforts to stop the destruction of the planet for the sake of their own children.

Energy and food

There are some clean types of energy, such as the solar or the wind energy, which can help us keep our modern lifestyle, and not harming the environment. Similarly, there are some diets and food choices that can easily solve most of the environmental problems on the planet. With the simple step of switching to a vegetarian and organic diet, the planet and the animals would be benefited and automatically, among other things, the global warming would be slowed, the forest felling could be avoided, and the spreading of factory farms and monoculture could be slowed down.


When it comes to education, the ancient wisdom accepts any kind of knowledge and good advises, no matter they come from, as long as they are beneficial for the ecosystems and are being approved by the authorities of the UNS. The ancestral wisdom education draws on the research of different ancient cultures, especially on how their messages can maintain our ecosystem and prevent the extinction of animal and plant species. All these materials will be available on different research and educational sites. These sites are both physical and virtual and will always be a product of knowledge of the ancient wisdom and the UDSA.

The UDSA, or the University of Ancestral Wisdom (Universidad de Sabiduría Ancestral) has been established in Santa Marta in connection with the Naturagente. It is also inspired by the Ikwashendwna – The World Conscious Pact, another member of the United Nations of the Spirit, and is represented by Luntana Mamo, Mamo Lorenzo, Ati Quigua and the Manager of UDSA, Paramadwati Swami.


Another important area of our work is agriculture. The permaculture method promotes food security without harming the planet. To popularise this kind of knowledge, we recommended people to develop ecological farms and villages and organise seed banks. The point is to preserve the original and organic seeds, so that they can be protected from extinction. The strategy to protect the seeds is to return them to the hands of women, for they have always been the original guardians of seeds.


Regarding ancestral medicine, we can also call it Natural and Emotional Medicine. The ancient medicine has a greater ability to heal deeply and should be supported on a governmental level, before resorting to allopathic medical supplies. It is essential to recover the traditional healing methods, especially these of preventative medicine. Despite the so called “technological progress”, or even as a result of it, humanity nowadays is experiencing great epidemics, immune deficiencies and allergies.

When it comes to modern science and areas of life that offer new methods, these must be carefully evaluated. One should make sure that they do not bring consequences more harmful than the old solution.

These projects are just a few of the many that will arise in the future. We mention here only some of them to get an idea of the implications and extensions of the commitments assumed by different global awareness groups, and which have an impact on the agreements of the United Nations of the Spirit.

Video projects

For people to gain a better understanding about the impacts of the ancestral wisdom, we present various videos and short films connected to the World Conscious Pact platform.

The 9.70 documentary is a very important cinematography piece that shows the disaster caused by the control over seeds policies. Another documentary  – Quintin Lame, Root of the People, directed by Pedro Pablo Tattay, tells the story of an indigenous leader who promoted a successful civil disobedience movement even before Mahatma Gandhi. There are also a great deal of interviews and programs from the wise grandparents, members of the World Conscious Pact and the Ikwashendwna and the United Nations of the Spirit, in which they uniquely share their teachings and give the example of their own lives. Among these materials, we tell the story of INISA, one of the brave fighters against the injustices committed against the Arhuacos through the life of Taita Rodolfo and his struggle for their ancestral village.

Conscious Art

Similarly, there are various movies showing the artistic dissemination and the work of the Chaskis. These messengers of love are doing music and art that provides valuable information about values and the need of resistance. They create a platform that refuses anything that may threaten the coexistence of people and the welfare of the planet. They develop networks, send newsletters, organise music festivals, art and healing, where one can either teach or study how to live a life of real spiritual progress while still using modern conveniences.


We also provide materials, studies and research related to Perennial psychology. The purpose of Perennial psychology is to understand that each individual has the right of happiness and liberty.


We want share all UNS materials and events and always keep the love and respect for the ancient wisdom. Therefore we maintain other platforms such as the World Conscious Pact and its monthly newsletter to keep activists connected online, and the website of the University of Ancient Wisdom.

We will attempt to keep you informed in the best possible way, although it is always impossible to maintain complete information and it is not necessary, since the success of the information is to work in the right spirit. To be successful we offer our prayers to all the participants, especially all wise grandparents of all traditions, so that they can grow and support services where needed.

The tour

In December 2015, after the KIVA and the launch of the United Nations of the Spirit with your declaration of Ancestral Wisdom, they toured Colombia, Ecuador and Peru with the presence and support of many people: Chasquis, Messengers of Love, members of the UDSA (University of Ancestral Wisdom) and feather carriers of the Guardians of nature.

This tour set out to visit the major cities of these three countries, in order to spread the joy and the updates manifested at the late 2015 meeting.

In each of these places, we delivered the big news of this event and encouraged every conscious individual to support and promote this important event.

A proposal for the future

We suggest that this transcendental UNS agreement should be presented to all heads of state, to all the governments, to all the mayors, to all the teachers and also to all the students, for them to study, ratify and legally publish it, subscribing to the precepts of the United Nations of the Spirit.

With the addition of each individual who wants to support this awakening of consciousness by delimiting and disseminating this information, we long to see a massive transformation of consciousness that will collectively create a real impact. That we will all become more caring for Mother Earth, that we will manage to slow down the global warming, stop the falling of values and start respecting people.

The Declaration envisions a union full of integrity and trust in the ability of each individual to be part of this initiative. It is the duty of every son and grandson to become a grandfather, not only as a matter of reproduction, but as a duty to preserves the ancient wisdom. This is our invitation for those who want to heal the pain of the world.

The Maloka

The purpose of the United Nations of the Spirit can only be achieved through people who accept its precepts in their hearts and who want to experience and represent it. To achieve this we need to to make it public and well known and to organise local awareness groups, where each and every person is capable and authorised to hold meetings (rotundas), where the concept of the United Nations of the Spirit comes to life.

In this place, they would hold frequent meetings and prayers of the sacred memory of ancestral peoples. They would be able to guide mankind and give them answers whenever needed. This rotunda is a Maloka, which was built by the bamboo manufacturer Villay in the sacred territory of the Muiscas that is currently under the protection of the Varsana Eco Yoga Village in Colombia. In connection with this place, Adolfo, the grandfather of the Amazons, declared that he had seen in a dream that this meeting would occur and it would happen in a rotunda of five moons. So the builder managed to develop the Maloka. The Maloka is also known as Nath Mandir in Vedic culture – it is a site suitable for the glorification of Ancestral Wisdom and prayers of invocation.


All individuals and organisations of the world are invited to subscribe by the signing the Declaration and thereby increasing its value. This can be done via the websites of the World Conscious Pact and the United Nations of the Spirit.

Your signature can be added to the list also by writing us an email at

United Nations Spirit (2)

This photo was taken at the meeting of grandparents in the Hall of the NUE. No explanation is available for the light phenomenon that manifested and was caught on camera.

Picture report:

Varsana Jardines ecológicos
Km 28 vía Silvania. Granada. Cundinamarca. COLOMBIA